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Led Tube Light

Buy long lasting and affordable LED tube lights from LP Technology

LP Technology is known for supplying LED tube lights of the highest quality. We are the leading LED tub light suppliers in Kenya. Our LED tube lights are designed to emit bright light with a very low consumption of energy. The prices of our products are also very low and we provide tube lights of different sizes of 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm. Our tube lights undergo various stages of quality check before sending them to customer’s place. We maintain the high standards of our products and do not send any defected piece to the customers. The stylish design of our tube light will make sure that your office or house looks beautiful and bright by installing them. Various features of our LED tube lights are:

Long life span with very low maintenance cost

Low energy consumption 

No flickering and no UV light

Eco friendly

Instant start

Bright lighting

Elegant aluminum body

High efficiency

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